Gold Demand: This Country Has Analysts Divided

We all know two people can look at the same picture and see different things.  After all, that’s what the Rorschach test relies on. Analysts studying gold demand are no different – if you have a room full of experts, you’ll find only slightly fewer opinions than the number of people in the room.  The law of large numbers dictates that 2 of them will agree.  The rest would even argue that. 

So it’s no surprise to find out that analysts from Thompson Reuters and Metals Focus would disagree on 2018 demand from China.  It’s a match of completely reasonable analyses, differing only in which you want to believe.  In one corner, it’s believed that gold demand peaked in 2013. In the other corner, demand continues to increase, but with less demand for bars and more demand for lower-grade jewelry. 

Which analyst said which? You’ll have to read today’s featured article to find out.  It’s a good article, you’ll like it. Then let us know in the Comments what you think China’s demand will look like for the rest of 2018. 

Disclaimer: The Gold Enthusiast is not affiliated with either Thompson Reuters or Metals Focus, though we do read their articles from time to time.

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