World News: Russian Nerve Gas Attack Unsettles Europe

In world news, several days ago, Great Britain accused Russia of killing a former spy with a very specific nerve agent. The attack was apparently carried out in a public place, which would put numerous innocent bystanders at risk. The reaction within the British government has been to unify against the threat, and against Russia in particular.

As I write this, Parliament is discussing possible responses including gathering support from their allies against Russia. This would include the United States and Germany.  Yesterday Rex Tillerson was fired by Donald Trump, possibly for more strongly condemning Russia’s apparent action than the White House had intended.  And Germany is working on a pipeline project with Russia, which the British Parliament has mentioned in their discussion.

We often talk about geopolitical instability as a key driver in gold prices; could we be seeing the start of instability now?  Take a look at British Prime Minister Theresa May’s comments in today’s featured article and let us know your Comments below.

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