Here’s What Crypto Experts Are Saying About Litecoin

It seems like it was just yesterday that we told our readers how to buy Litecoin, when prices were climbing over $100 on Nov. 29, 2017. LTC prices then skyrocketed 275%, to $375.29 per coin, on Dec. 18, 2017, but are now below $100 again. With retail crypto investors wondering if they should still hold on to their coins, we wanted to see what a group of experts had to say. Joseph Raczynski, of, believes that Litecoin could trade for $150 by the end of 2018. “People still have some faith it LTC. I’m watching it, but I’m not as sold on it in the short term as some of the others in the Top 10,” he told Craig Cobb, of, is also bullish on Litecoin, with a price target of $200 by the end of the year. However, fintech investor Clayton Daniel believes prices are going to drop to $50 by Dec. 31, 2018. “It provides zero advantages over other niche products gaining market share, and the founder sold out long ago at the top of the market,” Daniel told Here is a recap of the top five cryptocurrencies by market cap as of 9:00 a.m. EDT.
Cryptocurrency Market Cap Price Change (24h)
Bitcoin (BTC) 110,511,934,031 $6,462.45 -1.36%
Ethereum (ETH) $49,584,399,466 $495.10 -1.49%
Ripple (XRP) $20,118,595,254 $0.51 -3.98%
Bitcoin Cash (BCH) $14,288,166,869 $831.19 -2.94%
EOS (EOS) $9,215,015,613 $10.28 -3.24%
Now, let’s take a closer look at today’s Money Morning cryptocurrency insight, as well as the most important cryptocurrency updates you need to know.

Money Morning Cryptocurrency Insight of the Day  

Do I have to buy a full bitcoin? That’s what a lot of new cryptocurrency investors have been asking us. You see, they think it seems too expensive now to plunk down $6,500 on just one coin. Fortunately, you can use an accumulation strategy that will eventually allow you to own one full bitcoin. Here are all the details. *This has been a guest post by Money Morning*  Related: Legal Marijuana Just Had its Best 48 Hours Ever. Details Here.      The post Here’s What Crypto Experts Are Saying About Litecoin appeared first on Growth Stock Network.