5 of the Most Unique Marijuana Stocks

The sands of time are passing quickly. In a mere two days, adults in Canada will be free to legally purchase recreational cannabis in licensed dispensaries and on websites in provinces where online sales are permitted. Though legalization has been a long time coming, the expectation is that it’ll result in billions of dollars in added annual sales.

The assumption that the marijuana industry will be a resounding success is very much reflected in the share price of most pot stocks. For example, the North American Marijuana Index, which tracks the performance of a basket of growers, ancillary players, and makers of cannabinoid-based drugs in North America, has risen by more than 700% since February 2016. Investors have practically been able to throw a dart and come out winners.

However, moving forward, it’s all about marijuana stocks differentiating themselves from an otherwise crowded field.

While not all marijuana stocks are worth buying, and the industry itself could be in a valuation bubble, there are a few pot stocks that are truly unique and worth keeping on your radar. Here are five of those stocks…

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